Frequently Asked Questions…
How can I tell if I am joining a good and reputable agency?

The length of time an agency has been established is usually an indication of their reliability. Obviously you would expect a better track record from an agency which has been successfully placing artists in jobs for years compared to a new Agency that has only been around for a few months/years. You can also do some research – call up companies such as Nickelodeon, Hasbro, The Bill, Saatchi and Saatchi, Channel 4, M&S.

What do I need to do to become a model?

There is a lot more to modelling than being just a pretty face. We are always looking for a wide range of looks, ages and backgrounds. Some of the models we take on for their good looks, some for their acting ability and others for their personality. The important key to success is confidence and enthusiasm.

How much can I earn from being a model?

Rates can always vary from client to client and may depend on experience. To give you an idea the current fees that models can earn (excluding our commission) are:

Photographic fee
£50.00 – £140.00 per hour (depending on age / experience)
£150.00 – £500.00 ½ day
£250.00 – £800.00 full day

Commercials/Corporate and Music Videos/TV will vary depending on whether the part is featured or background.

The above rates are for “standard usage” – extra usage fees vary hugely depending on time period, in what medium and which countries the image/commercial/video is shown. Extra usage fees can range from a couple of hundred of pounds up to thousands.

How quickly will I get paid?

Unfortunately payments can sometimes take a long time to come through. This is not like having a regular job where you get paid at the end of the week. On average payments usually take between 2 – 3 months but sometimes it can be anything up to 6 months. All models are also responsible for their own tax and national insurance

How many jobs can I expect in a year?

This is an impossible question to answer. Some models ‘hit it off’ quicker than others. A great deal depends on which look and age group the client requires. If a client is asking us for a blonde model and you have dark hair then we cannot recommend you for the job!!

Do I need to have professional photographs taken and, if so, where should I go?

To join Allsorts Agency you will need professional photographs. We cannot promote you successfully unless we have at least one good professional photograph to work from. This can either be provided by you or we can arrange a photoshoot with our local photography studio, where we have agreed a special discounted price of £70 which will give you up to 4 great shots to use on our website.

How much does it cost to join Allsorts?

Initially we charge £40.00 when you register – this covers set up fees to include creation of your own webpage holding up to 4 images statistics, skills Videos, CV’s etc. We then take a further £120.00 from your earnings – this is a yearly fee that is automatically deducted for the management of Website and e-promotion.

Why is there a fee for the e-promotion, Model book, Website and Photos?

Our Website and e-promotion system is managed by an independent company that is not part of our agency and we get charged for these services.

How much commission do Allsorts take?

Adult models 18 years and over it’s 20% commission for TV and Commercials and 30% for Photographic.

Do Allsorts guarantee me some work?

No Model Agency can absolutely guarantee you work, if they do look for the nearest exit!!! Once your photo is circulating it is ultimately up to our clients who they use for each job. What we do guarantee is the fact that we only take people onto our books that we feel we can successfully place in jobs. Remember we are only earning money when you are out there working. It would be a total waste of our time to fill our books full of models that have no chance of working.

What am I expected to do at an audition/casting?

Some castings will simply involve a photo being taken, others will involve some acting and dialogue. At all auditions clients will expect confidence and enthusiasm. Gaining any level of success involves commitment and patience. Artists can attend many auditions before striking lucky. Most auditions take place in central London and are normally arranged at very short notice (average 1 – 2 days) or sometimes even the same day. Models 16 years plus are unfortunately not paid an audition fee (travel expenses will not be covered).

Who will have access to the photographs on-line
All our adult photographs will be available to all our clients and the general public via the internet, but we limit access to our children’s photographs to casting directors and photographers. We do this by giving each of our clients, upon request, a password to log on and search our database of children.
Do I have to live in London?

Ideally it is a lot easier if you are based in London. This is purely because 90% of the auditions and jobs are in central London. If you are able and willing to travel at short notice and at your own expense then it is not a problem but please take note that some call times can be very early in the morning. This may mean that you have to travel at times when the trains are not even running!!!!


Can I be in full time work and Model at weekends and evenings?

No. The majority of our assignments are in normal working hours Monday – Friday. If you have a job that is flexible enough for you to take time out at short notice (remember auditions are normally 1 -2 days notice) then it’s not a problem. Although please note that clients are not going to work around your availability. If you can’t make a certain time or day then the job will be offered to someone else. For child models we try to schedule the auditions to after school but actual jobs will be in the daytime.